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International abduction and malicious arrest abroad are emotionally devastating events. Common situations include children being removed from their home country by one parent without the other parent's consent; and the detention of expatriates for politically or commercially motivated reasons.

Victims and their relatives often find that diplomatic assistance is not forthcoming, international treaties are ineffective and due process is ignored abroad. Often, those who have the power to help will not do so for reasons ranging from conflict of interest, prejudice, divergent loyalty, lack of resources and graft (even INTERPOL's former president was charged with corruption).

Pappin Law is uniquely placed to assist abducted and detained expatriates. Adam Pappin is an International Law specialist, a certified mediator accredited internationally, an experienced negotiator and a global skip tracer. He has unrestricted entry and work rights in 32 different countries, giving him significant freedom to work unimpeded around the world.

Moreover, as a private practitioner he is not restricted by the protocol and policy constraints that often derail inter-governmental negotiations. Political, trade and "national interest" considerations have never influenced Adam's work abroad; nor will they undermine his efforts.

Particularly in the case of abducted children, a speedy response is essential. If the abduction involves two contracting states under the Hague Abduction Convention, the judicial process can take years. Over time, many children are turned against the parent left behind, limiting any chance of success under the Convention. In every case, including those where the Convention process is underway, experienced counsel can greatly assist and hasten the repatriation process.

When acting as civil emissary for relatives of detained expatriates, Adam has access to a wide range of legal and practical procedures. As Attorney at Law for individuals held abroad he has significantly more rights under international treaties to act on their behalf than even close relatives.

Adam is intensely driven to succeed in each mission to rescue abductees and detainees, and return them safely to their loved ones. While undoubtedly the most challenging of his professional work, his services as civil emissary provide his greatest professional and personal satisfaction.



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