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International Law deals with transactions and controversies where the laws of multiple nations are involved. Be it a small on-line purchase from a foreign seller or a major transnational corporate merger, International Law will be involved.

The firm's International Law practice includes:


  • Admiralty and maritime
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Commercial torts
  • Competition/anti-trust
  • Cybercrime restitution
  • Estate planning (multi-jurisdictional)
  • Foreign incorporation
  • Global asset protection
  • Human and civil rights
  • Intellectual Property


  • International debt recovery
  • International labor, recruitment and employment
  • International escrow and independent stakeholder services
  • International trade and commercial transactions
  • Skiptracing and heir location
  • Tax planning (multi-jurisdictional)
  • Telecommunications

International legal practice can involve the domestic laws of multiple countries, international treaties (such as NAFTA, or GATS) and supranational regulatory frameworks (such as the European Union). International legal issues often involve foreign property (real, personal and intellectual property), international rights (human, civil, political, and restitution rights) and sovereign state matters (disputes or issues concerning maritime zones, airspace boundaries and land borders).

Consequently, international issues can be technically challenging and legally complex. The assistance of an experienced firm such as Pappin Law is, therefore, extremely important.

For assistance with legal issues involving more than one nation, please contact us for a no-cost assessment of your legal options.



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