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Serving the legal needs of individuals around the world requires a high degree of specialization. The firm's practice is consequently limited to International Law alone.

Adam Pappin, the firm's principal, has been an international lawyer for over 20 years. He is admitted to legal practice in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The firm puts great emphasis on efficiency, and commits to at least four weeks of pro bono legal services per year (principally for victims of international crime, abduction and malicious arrest abroad).

As a "global rover" for decades, Adam is passionate about making international law more "user friendly" for his clients by transforming complex transactions into simple, easily understood procedures.

His varied careers have provided a highly practical foundation for his international legal services.

His private sector work has  included:

  • International commercial pilot and flying instructor

  • College instructor in Japan (language)

  • Senior Insurance Adjuster in Canada

  • Scuba instructor in Hawaii, Australia and Japan

  • Heavy industry mechanic in Canada

  • Skip tracer in Canada

  • University tutor in Australia (Business Law)

His uniformed and regulatory work has included:

  • Federal officer with the US Department of Homeland Security

  • Commissioned Army Reserve Officer in the Royal Australian Artillery

  • Police Officer in Maui, Hawaii

  • Commercial vehicle Inspector for the State of New South Wales

  • Shipping Inspector for the State of Queensland

  • Commissionaire in British Columbia

His prior legal work has included:

  • Maritime Lawyer - Queensland Government

  •  Personal Injury Lawyer - Canada

  • Corporate Counsel - Japanese multi-national corporation in Hawaii

  • Lawyer for the State of Queensland - Departments of Transport; Maritime Safety; Main Roads; and Local Government & Planning

  • Advocate for immigrants to New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada as an immigration attorney and a licensed immigration consultant

  • Attorney and 'of counsel' for numerous law firms in the US and Australia.

  • Bailiff in Canada

  • Legal Researcher - Queensland University of Technology

  • Court Registry Clerk - Queensland Department of Justice

Pappin Law

The following is a brief overview of Adam Pappin's qualifications:


  • Master of Laws (Honors) [International Law] - Queensland University of Technology ('QUT')

  • Master of Arts [Interdisciplinary] - University of New South Wales

  • Bachelor of Laws - QUT

  • Bachelor of Arts [Government/Political Science] - Royal Military College of Australia

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice - QUT

  • Diploma in International Human Rights Law - College of Law of England and Wales (‘CLEW')

  • Diploma in International Arbitration Law - CLEW

  • Diploma in International Competition Law - CLEW

  • Diploma in International Intellectual Property Law - CLEW

  • Diploma in International Business Organizations - CLEW

  • Certificate in Immigration Law, Policy and Practice - University of British Columbia

Admissions to Legal Practice:

  • Supreme Court - Washington

  • US Court of International Trade

  • US Tax Court

  • Supreme Court - British Columbia

  • High Court - Australia

  • High Court - New Zealand

  • Australian Federal Court

  • Supreme Court - New South Wales

  • Supreme Court - Queensland

  • Supreme Court - Australian Capital Territory


  • Washington State Bar Association

  • American Bar Association

  • International Bar Association

  • Law Society of New South Wales

  • Law Society of British Columbia




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